Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lee Wins State Cyclocross

With the temperatures hovering just above zero and north winds cutting across the field, eight brave women started the Masters State Cyclocross race last Saturday. It was the kind of bitter cold that makes one wonder why anyone would be on a bike nonetheless be a cheering fool! Pink racer Lee decided that it would warmer to go fast. She took off right behind Cat 1/2/3 racer Robin and let 'er rip. There was one master's racer that got in between Lee and Robin but she knew she was a hunted woman. Lee used great strategy to stay close and then surge into second place. Once she was there, she pushed the pace to create an insurmountable gap between the other master racers behind her. This caps a great 2013 campaign for Lee where she climbed the podium in all 13 mountain bike races (11 wins) and won both master's cross races (Capital City and State)which she entered. A big VeloRosa cheer to Lee, racing for the Pink! Your Roving Race Reporter (now heading to warmer climates), Luann

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