Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joann and Lee Smoke Moorehead Mayhem at Ida Grove

Mountain bike racing returned to Iowa and our two pink gal warriors headed up to Ida Grove to take on this technical course. The single-track was in great shape and there was a ton of climbing. If there is one thing that these VeloRosa racers know how to do and that is climb. This course was perfect for that strength with both single-track and meadow-like climbs that lasted forever. The other side of long climbs is downhills. On these downhills, one has to trust the bike, get out of the saddle and let the bike float up and under the rider. Staying off of the brakes is a bonus that allows the speed to build. Then a little prayer, some hope and tons of skill carries the racers along. Joann, prepped for the Dakota 50, made short work of two laps putting a gap between herself and her nearest competitor. Lee got passed early on the cusp of a climb but fought back sticking to her philosophy that the first gal back to the single track has the advantage. Lee must have been scared after that brief loss of the lead as she rode like a women possessed. She ended up with a 2+ minute gap at the finish. This team could not have two different personas in these two racers. Joann looks calm and ready to roll. Lee looks like a foal in the starting gate for the first time. But both of these ladies know how to throw it down when the race starts. Congrats to both of these pink racers to bringing home two more victories! Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann

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