Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dee Smokes CIRREM--New Record

CIRREM promises to challenge the riders on the 100K/60 mile course.  Mother Nature can throw a wrench in every one's well-rehearsed plans.  Even with hundreds of miles under your belt, you may just not finish.   That is why it is a revered race.  Many try to enter but only about 100 get the opportunity to try it.  The weather threatened to put a dagger in the hearts of those well trained.

But none of that pertains when Dee Mable mounts her bike.  Dee combined with Jason Simpson to put down the hammer on the other women in the field.  The previous course record was 5 hours;  the new one  is 4:19.  That folks is not just a record breaker, it is record demolisher.   Many have tried to ride that far for that long at a hard pace but Dee accomplished it on a cold somewhat windy day.

All should bow down to Dee for this awesome feat but she would not like that. So give her 5 or a hug and reiterate that the hammer has been thrown down.  Who dares to take it up next year?

Not that Dee was the only pink gal out there toiling over gravel and hills that reminded me of Colorado.  OK, I have never ridden my bike in Colorado but my job as blogger to image that I have raced everywhere.  Joann S left it all out on the dirt and came in 4th place.  That is also an outstanding effort.  Kim H was not far behind finishing 5th.   All VeloRosians in the top 5!!!!

Pink Rocks!!!!!

Your Roving Race Reporter,


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