Friday, November 9, 2012

Dirty Du--Great Teamwork

So I took a little vacation and thought the biking world would come to halt. Alas, I was wrong. Oh boy did I miss a doozie. But not to fear, with a little investigative work (I am a trained journalist) I have uncovered the true racing spirit that happened in my absence. So a little race took place near the center trails. It involved trail running, mountain bike racing and another trail run. Now many folks that race mountain bikes do not spend considerable time running. There are not many tris that involve trail running and mountain biking. So for one to compete in this event..........remember it is a 2 mile trail run (hilly, muddy) and 14 miles of mountain biking (see prior note) and then 2 more miles of the same running. If you think there are no hills in the middle of Des Moines, well, simply put, you are wrong.

So do the Pink Gals have the ability to put all of this together? Ha ha! I scoff at your silly question. Of course! This is VELOROSA!!!! But before I go to the details, here is little story of what happens when you don the Pink Kit. So, Michelle has been riding, training, showing up on Mondays, learning the ropes. She has done some trail riding. I am guessing she saw the email about the Du and said I can do this with a little running help. She recruited a runner. On race day, the runner was not able to run. Now what would another racer do? Likely drink beer and talk about next year. But that would a Pink Gal racer do? Take on the whole dang race herself. We do let quitters wear pink! She ran and then rode her little legs to the bone. Upon dismounting and preparing for the last 2 mile run, it seemed daunting. That is when super teammate Megan stepped in and decided another two miles was not too much to give to a teammate. Of course, she took her post-race beverage with her. Now that is true pink spirit. CONGRATS!!!! to Michelle on her awesome jump off of high dive and more so for sticking the landing!

 Kim teamed up with Megan to take 15th in the team competition. Joann took 4th in the solo competition. Sara 6th and Michelle 7th. Big kudos to all of the gals that raced this grueling race!

Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann

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