Saturday, September 1, 2012

Race Like a Girl

Race Like a Girl was formed to give women a chance to experience racing without entering a large, weekend event.  On the third Thursday of each  summer month, various races are held at Union Park in Des Moines.  The women's races are usually split into A and B groups with the women choosing which group to race.

It was great to see the VeloRosa women showing up each time to race.  A few of the regulars showed up almost each race but new women came out to give it a try.  It is always such a good mix of long-time member and newcomers. 

We were also graced with the MCing of Dave and Jason whom both rocked the park!

As the following photos show, a good time is always to be had at RLG!!!

Your Very-Proud-to-be-Pink Roving Race Reporter,


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