Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dee and Dave Whip Almonzo

Dave has pretty high standards on when he will ride. There are very few reasons that he won't get on the bike, solo or tandem, and tear it up. He had held a pretty strong line on the position that he will ride when it is cold; and when it is raining; but not when it is cold AND raining. Well he can toss that one out but apparently only if you toss in a half inch of facial mud!

Dee and Dave rode in some awful spring conditions to knock out 100 miles of gravel roads. Welcome to Almonzo where it costs nothing to enter but can tear your heart, soul, and guts out. Tide may be able to solve all stains on TV but it could not touch Dave's kit.

Being true students of biking, they used the time on the bike to show that drafting works. Dee stayed tucked nicely behind Dave and she clearly has 20% less mud on her.

As Dave summed it up on his FB: ‎42 degrees. strong NW wind, endless hills (endless), mud, fresh gravel, rain, rain, rain, mud, hills, wind, rain, mud, hills, soft gravel, mud, hills (leg-breaking), rain, cold, wind. Oh, and a flat.

Congrats to both Dee and Dave on this momentous accomplishment.

Your Roving (but clean) Race Reporter,


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