Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Team Whips Gents Race

Congrats to our pink team of Dave, Dee, Joe (sometimes claimed by Joann), Jim Logan and Ken Sherman for taking first in this inaugural race. A big pink thanks to Ken for filling in for Joann when she went down with an injury. This team worked hard to stave off a hard-charging challenge from the second place team. All of those Sunday afternoons spent riding in the mud and gravel paid off for this dedicated group.

Pink also took third with a team of Kim Hopkins, Mark Jeffernbruch, Jason Simpson, Karolyn Zeller and Tobin Bennett. Two of our favorite pink guys Jay and Tobin along with now certainly always pink, Mark,
joined Kim and Karolyn to be on the chase of the first pink team. This group also gave up many Sunday afternoons to ride gravel in anticipation of this race. It appears to have been time well spent.

Not to be out done, another pink team completed the race. The fine ladies including Janan Felts, Jen Veak, Elaine Kay, Sara Broek and Julie G were proud to make it through the miles. You might think, "So what?" Well this is what is what: many of these ladies had nary a gravel ride under her belt; never raced on gravel; and/or had never completed this distance. Being Pink is not always about winning. It is about challenging yourself to do something beyond what you thought was possible. All things are possible when you are pink, have pink
teammates and pink friends cheering you on!

The best quote heard during the race: "I am pregnant and I am hungry, leave my pizza alone" when the pink girls thought (out loud) briefly about accosting her for her pizza when they stopped for a fuel up at Casey's.

Generally folks were worn out but happy with finishes and finishing. As this photo shows, there is always enough energy for a post-race beer!

Congrats to all that raced!!

Your Roving Race Reporter,


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