Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As the temps on February 26, 2011 hovered below 20 degrees and the snow turned to sleet, everything seemed to melt away around Loren Uscilowski who was riding for Pink Team! The roads were covered with fresh gravel, snow and ice but none of that mattered as she ripped through her METRIC in just over 5 hours.

The 62-mile course was exceptionally hilly, per Kent Carlson, one of the event coordinators. As if the self-supported ride was not challenging enough. That means one carries all food, water and repair supplies. There is a mid-point check in that has some water and cookies. Otherwise, it was just a peaceful ride through the Iowa country side.

Dee pushed Dave throughout the ride to become the first co-ed tandem to cross the line. They feared a new set of competitors whom were out to challenge them. However, years of experience paid off for two of our favorite Pink Riders!

Other members of the team joined Julie Goodman on the CIRREM shorty. Kim and Karolyn logged about 25 miles and managed to find a wild-game feed which provided some warmth and beverages during their journey. It seems like those two can find a gathering no matter where they go....a great testament to outstanding bikers!

Julie G and Lisa had a shorter version of this ride and were back in time to support the other riders as they returned to the Tap.

I started and made it just past the mid-point of the the Metric where good sense lead me back to the Cumming Tap for food and beverages. Really, I could not catch Loren and have absolutely no sense of direction. In my delirious state I said, "When did we go under I-35?" to which Kent answered, "You went over was that wide, paved road with all of the cars." Maybe I should stick to blogging and beer.

Prost! to all who attempted and those who conquered!

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