Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Great Multi-Sport Weekend!

Far and wide - traveled our tri-geek friends! From Whaletown to the sandunes of eastern Lake Michigan.

Kristin Rinderknecht rocked the field at the 25th Annual Whaletown Triathlon held at Lake Anita State Park in western Iowa. Kristin finished the 1k swim, 40k bike and 10k run in 2:23:49, only 1min behind winner, Kristin Gallager, also of Des Moines.

Kristin started the run about 2 min behind Gallager and kept a strong pace of 7:30 miles to close the gap to just over a minute by the finish. Rinderknecht, who is currently in training for her first Ironman - the Ironman Florida in November, recently completed the Vineman Triathlon in Californial in a quick 5:09! Congratulations Kristin - you are well on your way to your Florida goal!

Meanwhile, Jana Severson, Jenny Weber, Nichole Wendle and a whole slew of boys traveled to Benton Harbor Michigan for the Steelhead 70.3. The 1.2 mile swim, to be held in the clear, cold waters of Lake Michigan, was called within minutes of the expected start. While the winds were not an issue at Benton Harbor, a storm up north was sending her formidable surf down to the beaches of southern L. Michigan - forcing race organizers to bag the swim and begin the race with a 2 mile run.

While no one wanted a long duathlon, all delt well with the news and found their way back up the beach to the start. While results are not posted yet - I do know Jana finished in about a 4:23 and had a strong 2:31 bike (56miles). All the ladies finished and are happy to have that long duathlon behind them!

Jenny Weber - Zoom coach and talented athlete - is in her last phase of training for Ironman Wisconsin in mid-september. While this is not Jenny's 1st Ironman - it is her first while holding down a full time job, coaching, and holding the position of race director for not one - but 2 triathlons - as well as working with her smiling hubby, Craig, on the Flatland Multi-sport Race Series! We all wish Jenny her best as she tunes up and jams out her final month of training! Good Luck!

I'd also like to report that Karolyn Zeller raced her first race on last Thursday's Race Like A Girl and finished 3rd and 5th in two of the races! Congratulations Karolyn! All your riding is paying off!!

Kim and Kristin Reese reportedly traveled to Boone on Sunday for the mountain bike race held at Seven Oaks Ski Area - we'll be looking for a full report from them as soon as possible.


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