Saturday, April 26, 2008

Proud To Be Pink!

In a textbook move, Kristin Reece and Joann Schmidt jump from the field of 38 early in the Iowa City Road Race on Saturday, April 26th. Along with them came a collegiate rider - the 3 of them worked hard and worked well to stay away from the pack.

Kim Hopkins, Jenny Weber, Dalena Feller and Dee Mable controled the pace in the pack - letting the 3 stay out front. In the final lap PRC moved to the front in an effort to pull the break in. The extra speed split the field, leaving a group of 5 to chase - including 2 from PRC, Dee Mable from All9Yards, Kat Porter from Bike Tech. and Sandy Kessler (Team Skin). Kris from PRC made a final move, which was followed by Dee and Sandy - in an attempt to catch the break in the final mile - and was unsuccessful.

Kristin Reece ended up with the victory with Joann Schmidt in 2nd, college girl (no name at this point) in 3rd, Kris (PRC)4th and Dee in 5th. Kim Hopkins held on to finish in the top 10 while Jenny Weber and Dalena Feller finished in the top 15.

Impressive ride by all!!!

In the Iowa Cup standings - this should move Kristin Reece into first with 21 points and Dee Mable into 2nd with 19 points - but we'll need to verify once results become official.

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Julie said...

Way to go girls!